Phase One

Phase One: Residential Alcohol And Drug Detoxification Program

What You Can Expect From Our Drug Treatment Program

Our drug treatment program is for anyone who is suffering from drugs or alcohol abuse. Even though we’re located in sunny and beautiful Southern California, we open our doors to anyone throughout the entire country. When you decide to admit yourself or a loved one to our program, you’ll meet a highly trained physician who will help you through the initial detoxification period. When you decide to make this positive change in your life, you’ll need to go through some hurdles as you detox your body from the bad chemicals. By eliminating the chemicals from your body in Phase One, you’ll start to feel better and there will be less of a fog allowing you to think clearer.

How Phase One Works

Phase One will be the hardest portion of the entire program. Phase One is difficult because you go through the initial withdrawal period. Your body is finally going to be drug and alcohol-free and that’s the hardest part of all. You may experience a lot of discomfort or you may feel like you want to give up, but it’s vital that you continue through the end of Phase One to be a stronger version of yourself. Realizing that you don’t need drugs and alcohol is paramount to the success of your recovery. If you don’t have the realization that you don’t need substances in your life any longer, then you won’t get the most out of our drug treatment program.

Why You Should Choose Our Program

There are a lot of drug and alcohol treatment programs around the country, so why should you choose ours? We stand apart from the other rehabilitation centers because when you come to us, you deal with professionals who are licensed and knowledgeable in what they are doing. In addition, we understand what you’re going through and will guide you through your road to recovery.