Phase Four

Phase Four

Phase Four: Intensive Outpatient Counseling Program

Phase Three of our drug treatment program entails an intensive outpatient counseling program. As you begin to feel more like yourself again without substances, you’ll need to go through an outpatient program that will help you get to the root of your addiction. While we started the process in Phase Two, Phase Three will allow you to work with a counselor who is highly-trained in drug and alcohol abuse. To learn more about our outpatient counseling program and how you or a loved one can become admitted into our drug treatment programreach out to us.

What To Expect With Phase Three Of Our Drug Treatment Program

In Phase Three, you will begin to learn how you can live a life without drugs and alcohol. While the previous two phases detailed detoxing your body and your mind from substances, in Phase Three, we’ll help you conquer those mental hurdles and unresolved emotions that you might be struggling to overcome. We’ll help you break free of those constraints as well as help you achieve a better awareness of your own happiness with your life. When you enter Phase Three, you’ll work with a chemical dependency counselor who can help you learn how to live in the present.

How Phase Three Works

Phase Three is the final step of our drug treatment program. As we enter Phase Three, you’ll start a unique form of therapy that will help you handle any type of mental state you might find yourself in whether it’s an easy or a hard day. Our philosophy at New Life Detox is based on drug and alcohol counseling needs to dive into an individual’s past to fully be able to understand what has drawn them to drugs in the first place. The negative emotions that someone might exhibit is what drives a person to want to become happier with substances. We’ll help you look toward a future that is healthier and happy with the help of a trained professional.

Why You Should Select New Life Detox

Located in sunny Southern California, New Life Detox is a facility that will help you move toward long-term recovery. We are a unique rehabilitation center that focuses on helping you move toward the road to recovery. We do this with our three phase drug treatment program that moves through your physical and mental addiction. Each of the phases is geared to help you feel healthier and happier without substances in your life.

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