Rebuild, recreate, and learn how to live your life again without drugs or alcohol. Living as an alcoholic or a drug addict can take a toll on the body and the mind. Whether you or a loved one is suffering from addiction, New Life Detox can help get your life back on track. We understand that recovering from an addiction takes time. You or a loved one won’t get better overnight, but it takes time, effort, and support from people who care about you. At New Life Detox, we set ourselves apart from the other drug treatment programs in the area by our process and approach. If you or a loved one is suffering, then contact us to enroll in our drug treatment programs.

Our Drug Treatment Program Process

The process for our drug treatment program is different than some. For example, when you come to our rehabilitation center, you’ll start with detoxing; however, unlike some facilities, we’ll give you something to ease the pain. When you are withdrawing from substances, your body will go through aches and pains. Every person is different, but withdrawing from drugs can be a difficult experience.


When you arrive, you’ll go through a medical detoxification process. This will be completed by a trained and licensed physician and he or she will help to expel the chemicals from your body. Your body will have chemicals in it and the physician is trained to keep the detox process as smooth as possible. It’s uncomfortable, but with our support and training, we’ll help you get through it.


In our next phase, you’ll have a much clearer head to start your recovery. This phase of our facility will help you learn how to live again without any substances helping you along. We’ll provide guidance on how to live a life without drugs and alcohol and how you can start to feel genuinely happy again.


Once you feel comfortable with living your life again, you’ll go to our intensive outpatient program. This counseling program will guide you through a recovery system and is the final step. This portion of the program helps you to learn how to live in the present and to look to a future where you’re happy and healthy.

The Ways We Are Different

Some of the ways that we’re different at our drug treatment program are listed below:

  • WE ARE MORE INTIMATE: We focus on a more intimate atmosphere because we want to help each individual who comes to us for support.
  • WE FOCUS ON THE ROOT OF THE PROBLEM: Instead of just helping you through detox, we’ll figure out what lead you down this path, so you can identify how to avoid the pitfalls that lead you to drugs and alcohol.
  • OUR DRUG TREATMENT PROGRAMS HELP TO CLEAR YOUR MIND: When you are in Phase 2, you will have a clearer mind because your body will have gone through detoxification. In Phase 2, you’ll feel like you’re on the road to recovery.
  • WE HAVE MULTIPLE LOCATIONS EACH IN A BEAUTIFUL PART OF ORANGE COUNTY AND COSTA MESA: We don’t just have one location, we have three. Each of these locations is in the same area, but each is part of a different portion of our program. For example, the detox residential facility is where you go to detox.
  • WE WELCOME ANYONE WHO IS SUFFERING FROM ADDICTION: Anyone from around the country can come to our facilities. No matter where you’re located, if you’re suffering from a drug or alcohol addiction, then we can help.



The New Life Detox Phase 1 Residential Alcohol and Drug Detox Program includes medical detoxification performed by licensed physicians to help individuals rid the body of chemicals trapped inside.



The New Life Detox Phase 2 Residential Alcohol and Drug Rehab Program provides participants with the time they need to establish and solidify sobriety. After completion of the New Life Detox Phase 1 Residential Alcohol and Drug Detoxification Program, guests begin to notice that their mind feels a lot clearer compared to when they first started recovery.



New Life Detox’s Phase 3 Intensive Outpatient Counseling Program is an essential final step in New Life Detox’s recovery system that relies on guided drug and alcohol counseling. During this stage, an experienced New Life Detox drug and alcohol counselor helps to lock in results from the Phase 1 Residential Alcohol and Drug Detoxification Program and Phase 2 Residential Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation Program.