Marijuana vs. Alcohol Addiction

The debate of marijuana addiction vs alcohol addiction is always a continuous notion. People often claim that one is better or worse than the other. Before we can talk about available addiction treatments, it's good for us to clear the air.

At the moment, there are new regulations binding the legal use of both medicinal and recreational marijuana. This makes the debate of alcohol and marijuana keep going on forever.

When talking about the subject of marijuana use, people may have different and unique opinions. In truth, marijuana or CBD is always a schedule 1 drug. 

Alcohol on the other hand remains a legal consumption for individuals that are twenty-one years or older. The former president of the US, Barack Obama once mentioned that he did not see marijuana more harmful than alcohol.

With mixed information from different sides of the matter, it can be difficult to know the truth. For this reason, this article is written to help you see the different sides of the debate. This will help you make the final conclusion for yourself.

Crime Rates



  • Less threat to those around a marijuana addict
  • Couples are immensely impacted when marijuana is abused by either party.
  • Less intimacy to partner due to marijuana addiction
  • A threat to people living with an alcoholic
  • Partner violence can be curtailed.
  • Alcoholism triggers sexual intimacy more often.

If you are considering the harm of hurting oneself or other people within the same environment, studies have shown that alcohol can do more damage than marijuana.

In terms of partner violence and the use of marijuana, several studies have proven that couples often get a feel of the event .

This means that intimate partner violence is low when using marijuana between couples. To confirm this study, the first nine years of marriage between couples liable to marijuana use, the violence rate remains low.

Men that are liable to using marijuana while married commit less intimate partner violence against their spouse.

Memory And Learning

There is every possibility to forget about things that occurred the night before if you are engaged in heavy drinking during the day.

In most cases, this condition is called a blackout. People who engage in heavy drinking may find it difficult to develop new memories. 

Surveys show that 50% of people engaged in heavy drinking experience a blackout. In fact, this people cannot recollect what happened to them after drinking excessively. Truly, excess alcohol in your system can affect the brain, in terms of memory and learning.

alcohol brain

Some people who drink more than expected even did not know what happened to them or the actual location of the activity. 

In a recent email survey conducted in college student environments. over 70% experienced a blackout. 

The level of blackout that these students experienced is tough and couldn't make them recollect anything. This can be found in risky behavior, having unprotected sex and driving drunk. 

On the side of learning and memory, using marijuana can also cause some brain problems. Studies have also shown that adults that engage in smoking marijuana often experience learning and memory issues.

The negative effect of smoking marijuana may occur gradually when you are young and extend later in life.

The level of using marijuana will determine the risk of impairments of your memory and learning. When these damages occur in the brain of a marijuana smoker, it can drag on into psychological complications in the near future. 

There are difficulties in assuming the level of damage that a marijuana smoker can experience in terms of psychosis danger. Besides, it can be dependent on an individual’s genetics or other physiological factors.


Driving drunk is considered worse than driving when stoned. In truth, both conditions are extremely risky to anyone.

In drivers involved with vehicle accidents, marijuana or CBD remains the most commonly prevalent drug besides alcohol. A case study showed that marijuana boosted the chances of being in vehicle accident by eighty-three percent. 

Most people may think and believe that 83% remains a high odd of car accident danger. However, the odds increase to more than 2,200% of experiencing vehicle accident when alcohol is involved. Hence, the appropriate bodies are doing all they can to curb this menace of addiction in the U.S.

addiction in U.S.

The odds of experiencing a fatal or severe vehicle accident remains high when drugs and alcohol are in your system. 

What is the purpose of explaining this point properly? The simple message is that people should not drive when under the influence of alcohol or drugs. In fact, don’t even drive when both substances are within your system.


When a woman takes alcohol in the early days of her pregnancy, it can be harmful to the baby. 3.3 million women may expose their baby to alcohol negative effects, and 1 in 10 pregnant women report alcohol abuse, according to research by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). 

pregnancy alcohol

Women that consume alcohol during pregnancy may expose their baby to intellectual, behavioral and physical damages. In most cases, a medical expert will call it FASDs or fetal alcohol spectrum disorders.

There is no amount or level of alcohol consumption that can be used safely during a woman’s pregnancy period. In truth, marijuana is not a good substance to consume during pregnancy as well.

Medical experts believe that low birth weight during pregnancy can be connected to marijuana use. 

The most common illegal drug that women use during pregnancy is marijuana. Since more studies have not been conducted, it may be difficult to confirm the level of damage that marijuana use can cause during pregnancy.


It may not be a life-threatening activity to drink alcohol in most cases. Besides, it can be fatal when people drink too much of alcohol. According to National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, over 88,000 thousand alcohol-related deaths occur on a yearly basis. 

alcohol deaths

44,000 thousand deaths come from binge drinking according to the same source – CDC reports

When comparing the death cases caused by marijuana, you can almost find nothing. The harsh portion of marijuana is called TCH and can be between fifteen and seventy grams.

In thorough consideration, half a gram of marijuana is equal to a typical joint. To get an overdose of marijuana, you will have to consume around 238 and 1113 joints daily. Without any iota of doubt, smoking joints of that magnitude will be insane.

Wrap Up

The case study is unveiled for you to see from the introduction to the conclusion of this article.

Both alcohol and marijuana use are dangerous to anyone. However, the level of risk or damage may not be what many people have at the back of their mind.

Using the information in this content will educate you about both substances and their negative effect within your system.

The innovation of medicinal and recreational marijuana makes the debate a bit expansive. It may be recommended to simply abstain from both substances. However, you can make your own decision as required.




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